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Your employer pays a portion of your salary into a super fund, but you can also make additional contributions that add to your retirement nest egg. If you choose to salary package additional super contributions, you could benefit from a reduced taxable income*.

How does it work?

When you salary package additional contributions, your super is taxed at a ‘concessional’ (before-tax) rate of 15 per cent.

Because you’re putting your before-tax income into your super account, the salary you receive from your employer could be reduced, lowering your annual taxable income.

Is there a limit?

Yes. There are limits to contributions to your super under a salary packaging arrangement before you have to pay tax. There is a yearly cap (limit) on the amount of additional income that can be salary packaged to super of $25,000.

Where to from here?

We can increase your regular deductions, or you can make once off payments if you have available funds in your accounts.

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*Additional superannuation contributions from pre-tax salary are subject to 15% contributions tax. The taxation of additional superannuation contributions via salary packaging may differ from the taxation of additional superannuation contributions from post-tax salary. Additional superannuation contributions will be reported on an employee’s annual payment summary and will be used to assess an employee’s eligibility for a number of government benefits, or liability for certain payments. Caps for concessional superannuation contributions apply – please refer to for up to date information.

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